Thursday, August 20, 2009

Official Rules

Welcome to the OLX beard contest. Unlike many sensitive beard aficionado contests, this contest does not care about how fancy you can make your facial hair appear. Neither is this a contest to see who’s ancestral heritage causes the most hair to sprout from their face, nor does it care how fast it should do so. The purpose of this contest is to see who can stand to have unimpeded, constant and creeping growth of hair, the longest.

Please consider the following rules, as all contestants will be held to them, to the point of sheer trimming. These rules are subject to change on account of that they were thought up by programmers who do not often have a great idea of how the real world works. That said, all effort will be put forth to maintain a fair and balanced exhibition of male hormone and perseverance contest.

  1. The OLX beard contest is of the “Last Man Standing” variety. Simply put, the last person left, having never trimmed, shaved or cut his beard in any way, wins the prize.

  2. This contest is only open for current employees of OLX.

  3. By entering this contest, each contestant agrees to have photographs taken at regular intervals, which will be posted on a public, and with any luck humiliating blog, bearing the OLX brand. Refusal to appear on the blog, or have your pictures taken, will be seen as a forfeiture of all rights to the prize, and the contestant will be free to lather up and shave, at last.

  4. For the sake of this contest, a beard will be considered all hair north of the chest, not including normal head hair, extending from neck, up to and including the side-burn area (roughly the top of the ear-line).

  5. All contestants may trim/cut/modify any hair which is not part of the beard.

  6. Contestants may shave their beard any time prior to the official start date of the contest.

  7. In terms of beard maintenance, you MAY:

    • Clean
    • Brush
    • Wax
    • Store food and/or bird in
    • Generally groom in any way that does not involve the trimming, cutting, shaving or in any way removing said beard hair.
  8. Leaving the employ of OLX will automatically remove any contestant from the contest.

  9. If there are more than 10 entrants into the OLX beard contest, the prize structure will modify to allow a second place winner, and so forth. See the prize schedule for detailed information.

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  1. Voy a ganarles a todos (y a todas¿?!!).